What are the advantages of booking through TOKYOSTAY Premium?
TOKYOSTAY Premium provides a clear, transparent and easy booking service for a selection of hand-picked luxury apartements. There are no hidden extras in the price and the booking process is smooth and hassle-free. We have an exceptionally strong Customer Service team with telephone lines open 365 days a year in three different languages. Our website guarantees the lowest prices to customers booking through us.

Why you can make the commission almost the half that of other companies?
Since we use an on-demand inquiry system, we have no necessity for a sales and marketing department. We have a rich network and information accumulated by 60 years of business.

How many days does it usually take for us to receive suggestions from you?
Normally, it takes 2-3 working days.

What are Key money and Renewal charge?
Key money (Reikin) is a gratitude fee paid to the property owner. Normally, it costs about 1 to 3 times amount of the initial rent. Renewal Charge (Koushinryou) is an additional fee charged at the end of the contract term. Most contracts last two to three years, and the lessee typically pays an addition of one month’s rent to renew the contract.

When is the best time to ask TOKYOSTAY Premium to find my apartment?
The procedure to get an apartment takes at least two weeks. So the best timing is 1 month to 3 weeks before you move to Tokyo.

Why do I have to put the name of my company on the inquiry form?
Some property owners will not rent flats to individuals. They make contracts only with companies.

I am going to Tokyo directly from my country. When I arrive in Tokyo, where can I meet up with TOKYOSTAY Premium’s agent?
We have a special pick up service at airports, your office or stations. Feel free to ask us what kind of service you need.

I don’t speak Japanese. How can I start gas, water and electricity in Tokyo?
We will help you with this when you move in. We will also, inform you on how to register with the local authority. Please do not worry about it.

I will stay in Tokyo just 3 to 6 month. Can I still rent a flat?
It depends. We also have monthly furnished apartments and guesthouses, which cost around ¥65,000 to ¥109,000 per month including utilities, internet and fire insurance. If your stay in Tokyo is short, please consider renting one of these accommodations – go to TOKYOSTAY website

We want a flat close to my child’s school. Or, we need a large bath tab. Or, we need have to have two car parking spaces. How we can find such special circumstances in Tokyo?
Feel free to give us any of your requests. We will find something from our trusty network. Our advantage is that we can find many flats which cannot be found on the internet. Please ask us about your ideal flat in Tokyo.