Fujiken in 1962

TOKYOSTAY Premium rents and sells luxury and high end real estate as an offshoot of TOKYOSTAY Co., Ltd, which provides furnished apartments and guesthouses . Launched in 2012, TOKYOSTAY Premium is affiliated with Fujiken Corporation, a real estate and construction business founded in 1952.

Fujiken is one of Tokyo’s oldest real estate agencies, with extensive experience and connections in Tokyo’s real estate market. TOKYOSTAY Premium‘s collaboration with Fujiken draws on Fujiken’s experienced employees, who are experts at navigating Japan’s complicated real estate market.

Because of our network of resources in the real estate business, TOKYOSTAY Premium can also provide a range of consulting services to assist with your housing needs, including interior design, refurbishment, relocation etcetera.

Furthermore, TOKYOSTAY Premium can attend to your needs in English, French and Japanese. TOKYOSTAY is dedicated to supporting Japan’s international communities, and it is our pleasure to help you start your new life in Tokyo.

Yosuke Suzuki

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